Information exists in abundance, but knowing where to find it is another matter.
"To know where to look…"

Today, knowledge of certain processes or contexts has become the fourth production factor.
In view of the rapidly growing level of knowledge and the resulting time pressure, it is becoming ever more increasingly important to get the right information at the right time.


Welcome to our Internet site.

TRISOLVE-Scientific conducts researches for you, provides you with the necessary information (including full texts), creates, monitors and maintains your literature lists and takes care of the databases in your literature management program.

The seminars of TRISOLVE-Scientific provide you with practical know-how on knowledge management.
This helps you make better use of your existing knowledge resources, whether on the Internet, on the intranet, in web-based databases or in your literature management programs.

TRISOLVE-Scientific's consulting services round off this range and offer you high-quality knowledge from a single source.

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About us

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What we provide

Information exists in abundance, but knowing where to find it is another matter.
"To know where to look…"
TRISOLVE-Scientific is an independent company and offers you first-class service in the following areas:

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Your advantages

Using TRISOLVE-Scientific's all-round service offers you numerous advantages:

  • You save your own resources
  • Save time and money through prompt order execution and precisely tailored results
  • You are always informed and up to date with the latest scientific developments
  • You can make better use of your existing information sources and existing knowledge is not lost

Our Strengths

  • Many years of industry-specific experience
  • Effective research strategies
  • Competence and reliability
  • Care and discretion
  • Communication skills and flexibility
  • Efficient advice and support
  • Cost awareness

If you have any questions about our services, we will be happy to assist you! us